Client Promise

Through Pan African’s previous company associations we have adopted Target Zero programs designed to deliver:

  • Complete safety (Target Zero Accidents)
  • Reliable aircraft (Target Zero Downtime)
  • Superior customer service (Target Zero Complaints)

These programs are essential to meeting the following promise to clients in the energy industry:

At Pan African we value the work you do and the challenges you face. Every day, your drilling and production teams work in remote and demanding offshore environments to safely discover and develop oil and gas to satisfy the world’s energy requirements.

You deserve a helicopter transportation provider that can help you accomplish your work safely and efficiently.

Our Target Zero programs enhance safety, reliability and service performance and are proven to take care of your most precious assets — your drilling and production teams. When you choose Pan African, you will benefit from:

  • Our unmatched safety record
  • On-time flights and aircraft uptime that is without equal
  • Friendly and hassle-free service.

These aren’t just goals. They are a promise to contribute to lower E&P operating costs and improved productivity. A promise from our pilots, engineers, technicians, ground crews, support staff and management. In short, everyone.

Our ability and commitment to keep this promise is the foundation of what distinguishes Pan African from every other helicopter service provider. Our performance makes it count for you.


Accidents | Downtime | ComplaintsMTDYTDGoal
Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)
Air Accident Rate (AAR)
All On Time Departure (OTD)66.8%55.8%97%
PAAN On Time Departure (BOT)98.3%98.7%97%
Service Availability (SAV)90.2%85.5%95%
Total Flights Delayed (TFD)951,05524
Total Lost Minutes (TLM)3834,5244,320
Recognition (TRR)-0.171.00
Complaints (TCR)-0.040.50