Bell 407

Due to the new design of the 4 bladed rotor system, the Rolls Royce 250-C47B turbine engine, with Full Authority Digital Engine Control, the 407 is at present one of the fastest small helicopters around. It offers a more comfortable ride for 6 passengers and a pilot, than its predecessors, due to the increased cabin width. The new design of the composite four bladed main rotor system reduce maintenance, and also adds to the comfort for the passengers. A lot of attention has gone into the design of this helicopter, to make it more user friendly for everybody, and is noticeable when looking at the seating, and small things like the door mechanism. This now closely resembles the mechanism of a normal passenger car.

The 407, can within minutes be configured to carry a stretcher, plus two medical attendants, and is utilized all over the world as air ambulances.