Bell 412EP

The basic design of the 412, has been proven over many years, to be a very successful and economical way to transport up to 13 passengers, in relative comfort. The spacious cabin, has easy access through two large sliding doors, and comfort is enhanced through the fresh air ventilation from the overhead outlets. Large side windows enhances the comfort of the passengers, and provides clear view to the outside. This also serves as escape hatches in the case of emergency.

The two Pratt and Whitney PT6T-3D ‘twin-Pac’ engines enhances the overall safety of the helicopter, as it is totally capable of flying, with one engine inoperative. The dual pilot capability, as well as the auto pilot system, increases the safety aspect even more, especially in bad weather conditions. Modern technology, in the simple hub design, and composite main rotor blades, increased reliability, and also adds to a more comfortable flight for the passengers.