Policy Statement

The following Policy Statement details and demonstrates the commitment of Pan African’s Board and senior management to the development and training of Nigerian personnel, the procurement of Nigerian products and services and the investment in local infrastructure for the benefit of the organisation and the Nigerian economy as a whole.

Nigerian Content Policy

Pan African Airlines (Nigeria) Limited (Pan African) has developed its entire operations to meet and exceed the requirements of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act, 2010.

The Board and the Management Team have committed to do everything within their power to promote and ensure compliance.

In line with Part 1 section 10 (a) of the Act, Pan African will, in all its operations and procurement activities in Nigeria, give first consideration to services and products manufactured in Nigeria.

At present, few aircraft and avionic components are available from within Nigeria but having identified this gap, Pan African will work with manufacturers and suppliers to identify areas of opportunity for local fabrication wherever possible. We will continue our program of having major maintenance inspections on all aircraft (small or large) conducted in Nigeria. All major maintenance activities (C & D checks) carried out on both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft will be completed in Nigeria ensuring local labour is utilized wherever possible.

In line with Part 1 section 10 (b), we will ensure that Nigerians are given first consideration for training and employment in every facet of our business.

Pan African will also continue our program of training Nigerian pilots outside Nigeria but will endeavour to source a suitable in-country alternative. Nigerian aircraft engineers will continue to be sponsored through the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology in Zaria before being offered apprenticeships and hands-on experience working with Pan African aircraft.

In line with Part 1 section 31(1.) Pan African will drive our succession plan for all departments forward to meet the targets spelt out in the Nigeria Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act.

The manager responsible for Nigerian Content will ensure that all programmes aimed at capacity- building, compliance with the Act and project-specific plans with our various clients, are delivered as required.