Supplier Information

As affirmed in our Nigerian Content Policy, Pan African is at the forefront of procuring locally fabricated goods and services to maintain its business activities. Not only does this generate revenue and employment for the local Nigerian economy, it also makes sound economic sense for our business.

All non-aircraft consumables, supplies and services are currently purchased from local Nigerian sources, but it is acknowledged that with the technical nature of the service Pan African provides and the regulatory framework surrounding aircraft components it is not always possibly to purchase aircraft spares and consumables locally.

At present, few aircraft and avionic components are available from within Nigeria but having identified this gap, Pan African will work with manufacturers and suppliers to identify areas of opportunity for local manufacture and supply wherever possible. Indeed, in recent times Pan African has recorded several milestones in locally sourced aircraft related goods and services. For example, all upholstery work in our aircraft is done by Sadson Nigeria Limited, while another local company, Agbotaj Nigeria Limited, sources all paint and performs spray work on the aircraft. These procurement initiatives will continue as we strive to increase local capacity in the very specialised world of aviation supplies.

Pan African is one of the very few helicopter operators who conduct major maintenance inspections in Nigeria. We will continue our program of having all major maintenance inspections on aircraft (small or large) conducted in Nigeria. The major maintenance activities (C & D checks) carried out on both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft will be completed in Nigeria ensuring local labour, products and services are utilised wherever possible.

For all potential suppliers: View Pan African's Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase (Goods & Services).